Top 5 Questions on Commercial Umbrella Insurance

1. What does an umbrella policy cover?
In short, an umbrella policy provides additional liability protection on the commercial insurance policy, business auto policy and other underlying policies.

2. Do I need an umbrella policy? 
Anyone who may have assets to protect or who would be unable to pay for a large lawsuit should entertain getting an umbrella policy. Due to the relative inexpensive coverage cost, an umbrella policy offers great coverage for a cheap price.

3. What is uninsured motorists coverage on an umbrella policy? 
Many carriers are beginning to offer additional auto uninsured motorists coverage on an umbrella policy. With the number of people driving with state minimum limits or no insurance at all, this added protection offers additional coverage under an umbrella policy for an auto insurance risk.

4. What is minimum umbrella coverage? 
Most umbrella policies start at a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage and work up in increments of a million dollars.

5. Do I qualify for an umbrella policy? 
Everyone qualifies for an umbrella policy as long as the commercial policy and business auto policies meet the minimum required limits of the umbrella carrier.