Top 5 Questions for Directors and Officers Insurance

1. What are certain risks that Directors and Officers Insurance covers?
Judgments, damages, legal defense costs, civil fines, and bail bond costs are all risks that D&O Insurance covers.

2. Why do I need Directors and Officers Insurance if I have General Liability Insurance?
General Liability may not extend coverage to the board or directors and officers if a lawsuit happens especially in the event of poor management decisions.

3. When there is a need for Directors and Officers Insurance, what are other insurance coverages I should consider?
Professional Liability, General Liability, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Cyber Liability, and Workers Compensation

4. What type of company needs D&O Insurance?
Public, private, and non-profit companies all face D&O litigation risks.

5. Why does a non-profit need D&O Insurance?
Often times, the board of the nonprofit is made up of business men and women that are not in the line of business of the non-profit. When they are making decisions for the non-profit and are not employees or owners of the non-profit, the D&O Insurance will be the main line of defense to cover any damages from a lawsuit in regards to the non-profit organization.