Top 5 Questions for Farm & Ranch Insurance

1. Why would I need a farm policy if I just have a home?
Certain homeowners carriers have a maximum acreage limit for homeowners policies. When this is the case, a farm and ranch policy may need to be put in place.

2. If I have a farm with multiple living quarters for the farm workers, can I cover these buildings?
If there are multiple homes or structures on a farm or ranch, you can insure all buildings or structures. You want to just make sure that all buildings on the property that you want to be insured are listed.

3. Can I cover my livestock?
You can cover the livestock. Some carriers will extend off the farm and ranch insurance or you may be better with going with an association insurance if applicable. A conversation with your agent will help you do what is best.

4. Can I cover grain elevators or silos?
The agent should ask you for every building and structure that is located on the farm or ranch. Whether it is a grain elevator or silo or small farm shed, all structures should be scheduled on a farm policy to make sure they are covered or identified as excluded from coverage.

5. If I have acreage in multiple locations, can they be covered on one farm and ranch policy?
Yes. You can schedule each location as well as all the structures at each location and have them all insured on one policy.