Top 5 questions for Flood Insurance Coverage

1. How do I find out my flood zone?
You can contact our agency or visit FEMA’s website, , and locate what zone you are in.

2. Why do I need an elevation certificate for flood insurance?
If a flood zone determination comes back and is in a zone of higher risk, then you have to have an elevation certificate completed in order to get an accurate flood insurance quote.

3. Why can I not close on my loan without flood insurance?
Many lenders will require you to carry flood insurance if the property you are purchasing is in a flood zone area of higher risk.

4. What is the cost of an elevation certificate?
Most surveyors or appraisers who will complete an elevation certificate will charge anywhere between $350 to $500.

5. If I have to get an elevation certificate in order to buy a property does that mean my flood insurance will be expensive?
No. If the elevation certificate shows the home is elevated much higher than the actual flood zone, then your flood insurance can actually be very inexpensive.