Top 5 Questions for Inland Marine Insurance

1. What are examples of inland marine property?
a. High end camera for your photographer
b. Power cleaners or pressure washers for your Pressure washing Business
c. Bulldozer at a construction site
d. Contractors equipment for your contractor

2. Is an inland marine policy a separate policy from my general liability?
An inland marine policy is available as a standalone option or can be packaged with other coverages. Our agency will quote you the best options that meets your business’s needs.

3. What items do I need to include on an inland marine policy compared to business personal property coverage?
Typically inland marine items are usually for your relatively higher value items and portable items. For example, a contractor isn’t going to want to schedule out a hammer and screwdriver on an inland marine policy. They will continue covering these on the property coverage or self insure these items. However, the contractor will want to cover items like skidsteers or other items that are higher value items.

4. What coverages are covered by an inland marine policy?
The great thing about inland marine policies is that most are covered on an all risk basis and not named peril and therefore offer broader coverage. Examples of perils that would be covered are theft, accidents, vandalism, or total loss.

5. How much will inland marine insurance cost?
Some policies will cost under $500, while others can be higher. The costs of insurance will depend on the number of items you are covering, the value of these items, and how far these items may travel at given times.