Top 5 Questions for Life Insurance

1. What type of life insurance policies are there?
The main 3 types of life insurance are term, universal life, and whole life. All three have different versions of life insurance and expand coverages also.

2. Is it true you can get long term care coverage on an umbrella policy?
Yes. Many permanent forms of life insurance have endorsements now that will allow you to add long term care insurance on the policy.

3. What is the cost to see how much life insurance will be?
The process of getting your life insurance setup is actually free. You only pay once you finalize what type of policy you want put in place.

4. How much life insurance do I need?
Without doing a thorough review of your needs, it would be very hard to say how much life insurance is needed. The main things that you are trying to cover would be loss of income, educational expenses for your children, pay off of any debts, funeral expenses, and any other cost that you would like to try and cover for your beneficiaries.

5. When do I need to start a life insurance policy?
You can get a life insurance as early as an infant. Majority of people start with term insurance and as they get older will do a blend of term insurance and permanent insurance. As you get older, it is best to have your life insurance with a permanent policy.