Top 5 Question for Pollution Insurance

1. What is pollution insurance?
It is a type of insurance that covers costs related to pollution and the cleanup of the contamination that can happen.

2. What does pollution liability insurance cover?
Coverage for pollution related incidents are specifically excluded from general liability policies. Pollution Liability insurance protects third parties from pollution caused by the insured activities. These policies typically cover personal injury and physical damage. They may also cover cleanup costs to remove the pollution and restore the property. Certain pollution policies may also offer coverage for legal fees and investigation costs.

3. How do I get pollution coverage?
This coverage is typically endorsed on your policy or written as a stand alone product.

4. What are examples of pollution insurance coverage needs?
  • Utility companies working on sewer or water lines
  • Dry cleaning businesses working with multiple chemicals
  • Companies that may produce emissions like a farm or truck stop
  • HVAC installers who have use of chemicals
  • Excavators or Landscapers who could puncture gas, water, or sewage lines
  • Many more…..

5. Are there exclusions on a pollution policy?
Every policy and carrier may have different exclusions on their specific policy. You want to make sure you are covered for whatever line of business you have. Typically, you are not going to be covered if you cause pollution on purpose. Other exclusions include common hazards like asbestos, lead or mold. Pre-existing pollution will typically be excluded. If you know potential hazards on your worksite or property, it is best to discuss with your agent to make sure that you know if you have coverage or not.