Top 5 Questions for Recreational Vehicles

1. Do you need to insure a RV?
Yes. Like any vehicle driven on the road or at risk of a liability claim, it is best to insure all vehicles you own for your own protection.

2. Is insurance required on a travel trailer?
Majority of insurance carriers will extend auto insurance to any trailer that you pull for liability purposes. However, many will not cover the trailer for property damage coverage. Once a travel trailer is removed from the vehicle, liability and property damage coverage is not extended to the trailer with most carriers.

3. How much is RV insurance?
Recreational vehicle coverage varies in coverage just like auto insurance does. The nicer or higher the replacement cost is for the RV, the more the premium will be. Insurance companies take into account that most RVs are used for pleasure purposes and typically not used on a daily basis. For this reason, RV insurance is typically very affordable and worth having.

4. What is considered a recreational vehicle?
The easiest way to think about recreational vehicles is to think about all your “toys.” See above bullet points to see the many examples of recreational vehicles.

5. Is my boat trailer covered?
You need to verify with your agent if a boat trailer is covered or not. Many carriers that specialize in recreational vehicle insurance will include the trailer under your boat policy. However, not all do this. If you intend on insuring the boat trailer, you need to have a conversation with the agent to make sure this coverage is included.