Top 5 Questions for Truck Insurance

1. What coverages do truck insurance cover?
Liability, Comprehensive Physical Damage, Collision Coverage, Cargo Coverage, General Liability, Non –Trucking or Bobtail Coverage

2. How are truck insurance policies rated?
They are covered by how far they travel, what types of cargo they are carrying, and the value of the vehicle and cargo.

3. Why do I need non-trucking liability coverage?
When you are leased to a motor carrier, you need non-trucking protection to cover your liability while not under dispatch and also to fulfill your lease agreement with that motor carrier.

4. If my truck is paid off, do I have to carry physical damage coverage?
As the insurance company, it is not our choice. Typically most truckers carry physical damage due to having a loan on the truck. When that loan is paid off, you can remove the physical damage coverage. Keep in mind though that if you are in an at fault accident, then the damage to your vehicle will not be covered under your insurance.

5. If I change trucking companies, does my insurance change?
If your coverages don’t change when you change trucking companies, then your insurance shouldn’t need to change.