Top 5 Questions on Church Insurance

1. What insurance coverages does a church need?
At the end of the day, a church from an insurance standpoint is treated just like a business would be treated. There are liability risks, property risks, and auto risks just like any business. For this reason, a church may be able to setup a BOP or a commercial insurance package tailor made to fit them best.

2. Are there certain coverages that a church has that an everyday business would not have?
The main coverage that a church would have is pastoral counseling coverage. Others that a church may have that not every business would have is directors and officers, child protection coverage, and professional liability coverage.

3. Does Church Insurance cover the church daycare?
There are many markets for church insurance and there are markets that specifically target churches for their insurance. These markets do include coverage for child care.

4. Does Lester, Greene and McCord Insurance have church insurance markets?
We do. We specialize in church insurance and have a standard markets that we can go too as well as specific church markets. These specific markets target churches exclusively and offer very broad coverage directly related to church risk.

5. Does a church insurance policy cover all the buildings on one policy?
Yes. If the insurance policy specifies all the locations on the policy and you include the worship center, youth buildings, gym, or conference center, all the buildings listed can be put on one policy.