Top 5 Questions on Commercial Auto Insurance

1. What is the difference between bodily injury and property damage liability coverage?
Bodily injury pays for bodily injury or death as the result of an accident that you are considered at fault. Property Damage extends protection if your car damages another person’s car or property.

2. What does Combined Single Limit mean?
Can I have Split limits? Combined single limits gives the same amount of coverage for each occurrence. There are not split limits for bodily injury or property damage when you have combined single limit coverage. All coverages are combined together. For commercial auto insurance, there are split limit options and also combined single limit options.

3. What are medical payment options on a commercial auto insurance policy?
This is also known as Personal Injury Coverage in some states. This option will pay for medical expenses resulting from an accident and covers the medical payments regardless of who is at fault.

4. What is uninsured motorists coverage?
Similar to the personal auto insurance policy, a commercial auto insurance has the option for uninsured motorists coverage. This coverage gives added protection in case someone causes an accident with your commercial vehicle and they have no insurance or insufficient insurance to cover the loss.

5. Are comprehensive and collision coverages the same on a commercial auto insurance policy?
Generally speaking, the coverages are the same for both. Comprehensive will cover theft, flood, fire, and the other perils we typically think of with comprehensive. Collision will cover the cost to pay for damage to a vehicle involved in an accident when it is in a collision with another car or object.