Top 5 Questions on Garage Insurance

1. Do I need Garage Insurance, garagekeepers insurance or dealers insurance?
There are differences in each of these. Please contact us so that we can have the best coverage option for your type of business.

2. What is garage insurance?
This coverage is equivalent of combining the business auto form and the commercial general liability form including products and completed operations.

3. What is garagekeepers insurance?
This is coverage for the garage that is an optional coverage. It covers the customer’s auto that is left behind in the insured’s care, custody, or control.

4. What are the 3 optional coverages undergaragekeepers insurance?
Legal liability, Direct Primary, and Direct Excess are the standard coverages. Legal Liability is the most common and covers customer’s vehicle damaged due to insured’s negligence. Direct Primary covers customer’s vehicles regardless of negligence. Direct Excess is the rarest option and the broadest of these 3 options.

5. What is dealers insurance?
For a car dealership, dealers insurance offers coverage for the new and used vehicles they have. For some dealers insurance proposals, the policy can be endorsed to include some of the important coverages that are under garage insurance and garagekeepers insurance.