Top 5 Questions on Mobile Home Insurance

1. How much does it cost to insure a mobile home?
Similar to homeowners insurance, this will all depend on the type of coverage you are getting. Many carriers offer good, better, and best options on mobile home coverage and this helps keep the premiums affordable while giving you an option on how broad you would like your coverage to be.

2Is a modular home considered a mobile home?
Since modular homes are typically built on location and mobile homes are manufactured in a factory and brought to location, modular homes typically are built similar to a standard home. For this reason, many times they are covered on a standard homeowners policy.

3Is a manufactured home a mobile home?
Yes. Mobile homes and manufactured homes are the same and would fall under the same mobile home insurance policy.

4hat is not covered under a mobile home policy?
A mobile home policy will have many of the same exclusions as a homeowners policy. For example, flood insurance is excluded on all mobile home policies. The other major exclusion is the mobile home policy doesn’t cover your home while the home in transit. Most carriers will require your mobile home be fixed on a solid foundation in order to be able to put insurance in place.

5. How to get mobile home insurance?
We have many top-rated carriers that offer mobile home insurance. Many of the companies that we work with on standard homeowners insurance will also offer mobile home insurance.