Top 5 Questions on Personal Auto Insurance Coverage

1. How do you lower the cost of Personal Auto insurance? One great way is working with our agency and allowing us to quote all of our companies. When we quote your insurance with all of our carriers, you will get a great idea of how all companies have different premiums and that we will offer you our best options. Cost for auto insurance can also be influenced by how low or high you carry your liability limits as well as your deductibles on comprehensive and collision coverages.

2. How much do I need? The amount of insurance needed is going to vary based on your assets, coverage needs, and your level of comfort on the limit options. When there are so many cars on the road with values up to or higher than $100,000, it is our recommendation that $300,000 be a minimum starting point for your liability and property damage coverage limits. Along with a personal umbrella policy, you can really go as high as you want on your liability insurance coverage.

3. Are all auto policies the same? Most auto policies are similar in nature. However, like homeowners policies, many carriers are starting to add “good”, “ better”, and “best” coverage options that will extend broader coverage to cover optional coverages together in one endorsement.

4. What deductibles do I need? The deductible amounts will cause the premiums to fluctuate. The lower the deductible, the higher the premium. How high or low the deductibles are ends up being a choice on what you want to pay from a premium standpoint. It is best practice to ask for options that you feel most comfortable with for your auto policy

5. What discounts can youthful drivers get? There still is a big “3” when it comes to youthful driver discounts. First, good driving discount. Second, good student discount. Last, drivers training discount and many carriers now offer additional youthful driver training program discounts. Telematics is also a new discount for youthful drivers. This allows the insurance carrier as well as the parents to track the youthful drivers driving habits through GPS tracking.