Top 5 Workers Compensation Insurance Questions

1. What ways does Workers Compensation Insurance help a business owner?
Having workers compensation in place will allow the workers compensation carrier to help you in your risk transfer procedures and help put safety programs in place. This will help lower your premium cost, help reduce medical and disability costs that could arise, and hopefully stop claims or injuries to your workforce.

2. If I 1099 my workers, do I need workers compensation coverage?
Yes. We will do our best for all lines of business to give you the best guidance on your workers compensation setup. Retail operations are going to have different guidelines than a contractor. We will explain how each setup will work best for you.

3. How do I setup a workers compensation exemption?
To setup your initial workers compensation exemption registration, you can go to this site: Steps to Filing Initial Workers Compensation Exemption . This site walks you through setting up your exemption.

4. How do I determine what class codes are needed for Workers Compensation?
Our agents can help determine what class codes are recommended. When there are class codes that may be in question, our agency has carriers and companies we can go to in order to make sure we have you classified correctly.

5. What do Employers need to know in regards to Workers Compensation ?
Here is a link to the most frequently asked questions to the State of Tennessee for Workers Compensation: Most Frequently Asked Questions for Workers Compensation in Tennessee