Top 5 Questions for Long Term Care Insurance

1. When should you buy long term care insurance?
Costs go higher each birthday. The annual rate increases are generally 2-4 % in your 50s but start to be 6 to 8 % per year in your 60s. In 2009, new buyers of individual long-term care insurance were the following ages: Under age 54 (26.5%). Between 55 and 64 (54%).

2. Is there a common age that is best to buy long term care insurance?
For reasons of being able to afford it and for it being an actual concern for people, ages 50-55 tend to be the time the majority of people setup these policies.

3. How much is the cost of a nursing home?
The average annual cost for a private room in a nursing home patient in 2016 was $92,378. The breaks down to about $250 per day.

4.How much long term care insurance should I buy?
Looking at the answer to question 3 above, you may not need to cover the total annual cost. For example, people who have money saved may only want a quarter of that covered per year. When getting approved for long term care insurance, you can review a grid of benefits and pick what fits your financial situation best.

5. Can I get long term care coverage on a life insurance policy?
Yes. Many carriers of life insurance policies are offering long term care insurance on life insurance policies. It is a great way to cover both long term care as well as life insurance.