Workers Compensation Insurance

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Workers Compensation Insurance for Responsible Employers
You can’t succeed without your loyal employees, and it’s up to you to ensure that they stay safe while they toil on your behalf. The agents at Lester, Greene, McCord and Thoma Insurance can help you fulfill your legal obligation to provide workers compensation insurance that takes care of those you depend on most.

Who Has to Carry Workers Compensation Insurance in Middle Tennessee?
According to the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development, employers in fields like construction who have at least one employee and employers in other disciplines who employ five or more workers need valid workers compensation insurance coverage. Although there are some exemptions, these requirements cover the majority of the state's businesses and many subcontractors.

Why Having Workers Comp Insurance Is Always a Smart Choice
Being exempt from having to maintain workers compensation insurance doesn't mean that you can't still benefit from it. Not having coverage could expose you to lawsuits if one of your staff gets hurt on the job. If you don't provide for their recovery, they will be out of work for a longer period of time and that makes it harder to stay profitable.

Our firm helps companies like yours stay covered. We're proud to ensure that your team members can give you their all on a daily basis.

Simplifying Workers Compensation in Tullahoma Tennessee
Workers comp insurance shouldn't be complicated. You've got work to do, and the time you devote to learning insurance compliance rules could be far better spent running your organization. Lester, Greene, McCord and Thoma Insurance experts are well-versed in the laws that dictate what kinds of insurance you need to have, so you can count on us to help you formulate a coverage strategy that keeps your company in good standing.

We offer workers compensation insurance coverage that improves not only your life as a business owner but also the lives of the professionals who rely on your leadership. Our system eliminates delays between when you make claims and when we start processing them.

Experience what it's like to cultivate a healthier corporate culture and a stronger workforce. Talk to Lester, Greene, McCord and Thoma Insurance agent now. We offer workers compensation insurance for all of Tennessee including Tullahoma, Manchester, Winchester, Lynchburg, Decherd, Shelbyville and surrounding areas.

This content represents only brief statements that relate to coverages. Please consult your independent agent for specific coverages, conditions and exclusions, as well as information about other fine products from Lester, Greene, McCord and Thoma Insurance.
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